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Rafael is a Surgeon, Educator, Speaker, Patient Advocate, Healthcare Futurist, and Immigrant- originally from Caracas, Venezuela.


After doing his surgery residency in Ann Arbor, MI, USA, he developed as a General, Trauma, Advanced Laparoscopic and Robotic surgeon and now practices in the USA.

His passion focuses on the intersection of innovation technology and healthcare.


Throughout his career, he has focused on tapping the paradoxical power of technology to coexist with better, more humane medical care.


As a healthcare futurist, being a full-time practicing surgeon, gives him the rare skills, qualities and advantages that clinicians have but most technology innovators lack.


That duality of expertise makes him a voice that definitely should be heard. A voice that impacts and addresses both ends of the spectrum, diversifying the target audience, feeding multiple interests and curiosities.

He’s an advisor and consultant to several entities, including:

Magic Leap, Fundamental VR, XR HealthAnimares, Nanox VisionLevel Ex, and many startup enterprises in the technology landscape.


He’s lectured at MIT, MIT Media Lab, Stanford University, Google, Deloitte, and many other pivotal digital-health industry players.

Additionally, he's given multiple keynote talks in 4 continents.


“I know that the exponential development of technology and its smart use, will profoundly, positively impact the Healthcare system in ways that are difficult to even imagine”. After joining exponential medicine, “I have constantly strived to redefine myself as a Healthcare Futurist“

Collaborative XR -      Dr. Rafael J Grossmann

Collaborative XR - Dr. Rafael J Grossmann

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